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November 16, 2020
Matrimonial Home and Title Rights

Going through a divorce? Consider the important factors below: The general presumptions under the legislation encourages an equalization of your net family property absent some extenuating circumstances. A family lawyer can explain the process in more detail and give you more tailored and strategic advice suited to your specific circumstances. Section 21 of the Family Law Act stipulates that no spouse shall dispose or encumber an interest in the matrimonial home unless the other spouse consents to the transaction.

August 3, 2020
Should you engage a lawyer when buying an investment property?

When considering engaging a lawyer when purchasing an investment property the earlier in the process that the lawyer is retained the better. Ideally, the lawyer should be engaged before the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is signed. For large and sophisticated purchases, investors may want to consider having their lawyer...

August 3, 2020
Overholding in commercial tenancies: What is the test?

The situation does occur where a Commercial Tenant continues to occupy the leased premises after the expiry or termination of the original Term of the Lease or at the expiry or termination of any Renewal Period. In commercial tenancy law this is called “Overholding”. A well drafted commercial lease should have...

August 3, 2020
Construction Agreements: The Scope of Work and other matters

The importance of having a comprehensively drafted construction agreement for both commercial projects and residential projects should never be overlooked. There is no room for poor drafting or agreements drafted on the “back of a napkin“ if you as the landlord want the process to both go smoothly and to make sure that...