Family Law

Def: Family law (also called matrimonial law or the law of domestic relations) is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations, such as divorce and child custody.

Family Law at Rose Law Firm

Legal issues involving family are among the most complicated and contentious. Whether you’re undergoing a separation due to domestic violence, struggling with an ex-spouse to gain child custody through the family court system, or trying to work out an agreement over spousal maintenance, the professionals at the Rose Law Firm, can be your greatest asset during the process.

Our lawyers guide clients through every aspect of family-based law.

Thanks to our years of experience representing clients involved in the many different circumstances that make up the area of family law, we are well-equipped to help almost any potential client.

It may seem that family law only applies to individuals that are married, divorced, or separating; but in fact, the term refers to parents of children in all kinds of situations, from those who are divorced or divorcing, to those who had a child as the result of a shorter relationship or other circumstances. 

A few examples of the types of cases our lawyers assist clients with: 

Separation and Divorce: Child Custody, Access, and Parenting Plans

When parents separate or divorce, they have to put in place a parenting plan covering where the children will live, how much time the children will spend with each parent, and who will make major decisions about raising the children.

Separation and Divorce: Child Support

When parents separate or divorce, issues about how to pay the expenses of raising their children arise. Our lawyers help clarify these issues for clients and make sure their rights are being fairly represented in court.

Separation and Divorce or Death of a Spouse: Property Division

We assist clients with rules for property division between separating married spouses, their rights and obligations with respect to the matrimonial home, and what happens to property if one spouse dies.

Separation and Divorce: Spousal Support

Our lawyers figure out and fight for spousal support for married or common-law partners who are divorcing or separating, including the factors that affect whether spousal support must be paid, in what amount, and for how long.

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