Litigation Law

Def: Litigation law (civil & commercial) refers to the actions between two opposing parties working in the interest of enforcing or defending a legal right.

Civil & Commercial Litigation Law at Rose Law Firm

The Rose Law Firm is recognized within the legal community and judiciary in Ontario as having a formidable strength and depth of expertise in litigation. Therefore, our firm is particularly well-suited to address whatever litigation issues are in front of our client.

Our litigation lawyers advise and represent our clients in a wide and diverse range of matters before all levels of courts and various administrative tribunals, commissions and agencies.

More importantly, we provide general counsel to assist our clients in ordering their affairs so that litigation may be avoided whenever reasonably possible. Even where litigation appears unavoidable, we help our clients assess the practicality and viability of alternative dispute mechanisms, such as arbitration and mediation, in order to determine the appropriate strategy in each case.

A few examples of litigation areas where we go above and beyond for our clients:
  • All types of negligence actions, from product liability claims and defence, to negligent misstatements, to personal injury, etc.
  • Contractual remedies and enforcement, including damage claims, interpretation, injunctions and specific performance, with a particular expertise in complex or commercial disputes
  • Insurance defence, including defence of professional liability, long term liability and life claims
  • Municipal law, including issues relating to land development, disputes by or with municipalities and their related entities, by-law interpretation and enforcement, etc.
  • Shareholder and corporate disputes, from oppression remedy cases, to enforcement of shareholders agreements, to directors' and officers' liability
  • Mediation and arbitration to reduce the cost and time involved in dispute resolution

At The Rose Law Firm our civil litigation lawyers have experience in dealing with complex issues in areas such as civil liability, business contracts, professional regulation and liability, defamation, commercial litigation and extraordinary remedies, disputes relating to successions, wrongful dismissal actions, and claims of discrimination, sexual harassment and breach of fiduciary duties.

Our clients can rest easy knowing that they can rely on our experience and expertise through all stages of the litigation process.

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