March 4, 2021

Immigrate to Canada – An Introduction


Immigrate to Canada – An Introduction

2020 has been a unique year with a lot of uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of this, immigration to Canada has remained a hot topic. There are many reasons why people and businesses want to come to Canada. Amongst these are that Canada is a safe and sound multicultural environment which offers free and quality basic public education, free public healthcare, economic stability, a high standard of living, good job opportunities with a low unemployment rate. For tourists, Canada is famed for its natural beauty. Outdoor adventures? Food? Art? Culture? Awesome locals? There’s plenty of that too.

The best part of choosing to come to Canada is that Canada wants you too. At the center of Canada’s strategy for economic growth, is increasing immigration levels. Canada hopes to welcome over one million permanent residents between 2020-2022, not including temporary foreign workers or students. It seeks to achieve this objective by offering a dynamic range of immigration programs as well as non-immigrant options that may offer a pathway to permanent residency.  The Come to Canada tool allows you to check your eligibility for these programs.

Some of the popular methods of immigration to Canada include the Express Entry Program, Provincial Nomination Programs, Family Class Sponsorship, Work Permits (with or with exemptions from Labor Market Impact Assessments), Study Permits, pilot programs like the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Business Investors, Start-Up Visa Program. This list is not exhaustive. The most appropriate program would depend on personal circumstances and qualifications. In follow up articles, I will address these immigration programs one at a time.

For those who are familiar with the requirements, the application process for some programs may be straightforward. However, for more complex programs or where personal situations vary, one may require the assistance of immigration lawyers. Lawyers are regulated, have expertise in the subject area, and are required to be up to date on developments in law or policy that may affect your application. Using an immigration lawyer also reduces the chances of making mistakes which may be crucial to your application.

Rose Law Firm can assist you to come or remain in Canada. Our cases are handled by experienced immigration lawyers with proven track-records who are dedicated to helping you navigate the continually evolving Canadian immigration process. We use a personalized approach that takes into consideration your unique circumstances and we offer tailor-made solutions. Relocating can be a life-changing experience, let us do the hard work for you.

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