Areas Of Practice:

Family Law/Personal Conflict Resolution, Human Rights/Discrimination concerns (mental health issues), Wills and Powers of Attorney, Personal Injury/disability, and Employment concerns for Employees

Robert A. Kominar is a Lawyer,Mediator, Arbitrator and Law Professor. He has worked in diverse types of cases over more than 30 years. His work currently focuses on family/personal conflict resolution, human rights/discrimination concerns (particularly mental health issues),Wills and Powers of Attorney, personal injury/disability, and employment concerns for employees.

After practicing family and criminal law for more than 11 years Robert was a Professor of Law and Philosophy for more than a decade. He has continued his teaching career in university undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as multiple professional accreditation programs, across Canada. Most recently he worked for 12 years as a full time Arbitrator of automobile injury disputes for the Government of Ontario.  Robert has been a member on the Boards and Accreditation Committees of multiple professional dispute resolution organizations throughout Canada. Throughout his professional career Robert has been devoted to the advancing  the practice of mediation, particularly in family conflict.

Robert has published in numerous scholarly and professional journals in the areas of Mediation, Legal Philosophy and Critical Thinking, and Mental Health Stigma.

He lives in Hamilton with his wife Laure and a Golden Retriever (Caliban) who is the Peter Pan child who never seems to grow up. Hope springs eternal!

Robert is someone whose commitment is to always communicate with you openly and honestly about your situation and your options, no matter what the challenges you face may be.


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